As I walk into the dead of night,

the creatures behind me start to howl and I know I approach some kind of End.

It crawls and creeps behind me, what could it be? - I wonder- fastening my pace at every thought.

Such a weird feeling in my spine it’s cold and yet makes my body burn, Fear? Fright? or just knowing the inevitable end that has never been so near me… I wouldn’t know I’ve never felt it.

Should have listened to Mama, she has seen the world much more than I, even though I neglect the wisdom of her knowledge for I seek to suffer on my own and learn from my mistakes, now I pay the price.

If I die before the night ends I leave here my thoughts in this wind for the next person to hear the echoing of my voice for I know this place is cursed, the note I leave to the unwarily is: go back, there is no fortune ahead and all the knowledge is not worth the suffering. Go back to thy books there you’ll find a better coefficient between the ultimate understanding of the world and danger.

We’re only as strong as our will.